VAPA DAY – Auditions to be held on Saturday, April 22

Hello Future Charter Students! 

What is VAPA Day?
VAPA Day is a day to showcase your talents and meet your teachers. Students will have the opportunity to audition into more challenging classes based on abilities.   No one will be denied entry into the VAPA program of his/her interest.  
When is VAPA Day? 
April 22nd on the IRCHS Campus 6055 College Ln. Vero Beach, FL 32966
9:00am – General Meeting in the Charter Dome 
9:20am–  Auditions and interviews begin 
Audition times vary by department.  Please see available audition times below.  
What should I prepare for on VAPA Day? 
Here is a list of what what you should expect/prepare for, by department, on VAPA Day
Students should plan on attending a 9:20am Masterclass in Room 402.
Dance Department: 
Students will sign up on VAPA Day for a session either at 10:00am or 10:30am. All dancers should be wearing Black Leotard and pink tights, hair in bun, bring water bottle, NO gum, dance shoes optional. Warm up should be done before class
Students should be prepared to play a piece of their choosing that showcases their ability. Students may also be asked to sight read a selection of music.
Theatre Department: sign up for an audition time here. 
ACTING Auditions:  monologues can be found at under “Auditions”.  Students should memorize 1 to 2 monologues of choice. 
MUSICAL THEATRE Auditions: students should prepare 1-3 minutes of a song from a musical of choice.  Students may sing it A Cappella or bring a backing track on a phone.  An AUX cord connected to speakers will be provided.
TECHNICAL THEATRE: this is simply an interview and description of different classes.  Students should come with ideas of the areas of interest in technical theatre.
Visual Arts Department: sign up for an audition time here.
Students should bring their portfolios, photo flip books, sketch books or digital portfolios. Students will need to bring their own device, not a flash drive or disc.
What if I have a question about VAPA Day? 
 If you have questions, please contact the following:
Choral Music: Please direct inquiries or issues signing up to ““. 
Dance: Please direct inquiries to ““. 
Instrumental Music: Please direct inquiries or issues signing up to “” or ““. 
Theatre Department: Please direct inquiries or issues signing up to ““.
Visual Arts: Please direct inquiries or issues signup up to ““.  


What if I want to audition for multiple programs on VAPA Day?
Although we encourage you to work towards mastery in one area, you may audition for multiple programs.  You can do this by scheduling non-conflicting auditions times
For example, you want to try Choral Music and Dance.  Sign up for the Choral Masterclass at 9:20 and also sign up for the 10:30 Dance Session.  
Another example: You would like to audition for Acting and Instrumental Music.  Make sure you select audition times that are at significantly different times.  To be safe, try to schedule at least one hour in between audition time slots. 
See you on VAPA Day!  

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