IRCHS 2019 Week of the Wolf, Powderpuff Game + Family Fun Carnival

Monday 10/14: Social Switch Day- Dress like you’ve never dressed before! Trade your band T’s for a pair of cowboy boots and your skirts/dresses for some graphic T’s. This day is the day to be different & have fun! Try something new & remember, please don’t be offensive! After all, here at charter we love and accept ALL. Clothes are just Clothes, so let’s just have some fun.

Tuesday 10/15: Dress like a Teacher Day – It’s easy! Dress in the style of your favorite teacher. Don’t forget the little details.

Wednesday 10/16: Decades Day – Love the 80’s? Can’t get enough of the 90’s fashion? Think you should have been born in a different era? Then you’ll love this day! Dress as your favorite decade & make the most of living in the past (or future?!) for the day!

Thursday 10/17: Meme/ TikTok day – You asked, we obliged! Meme/ TikTok day is a day where students dress up as characters from viral videos and images for a day. You must be appropriate, if any student is dressed inappropriately they will receive a dress code ticket & 5 demerits.

Friday 10/18: School Spirit Day /Twin Day! Juniors and Seniors are welcome to come to school in their Powder Puff shirts as well as school appropriate bottoms. No face paint/ body paint until the game, please. The rest of the school will celebrate Twin Day- It’s simple, classic, and fun. Match with a friend or a group of friends! Get creative!These days are FUN! Don’t ruin them for others by:

– Coming to school in clothing that does not adhere to the IRCHS dress code

– Wearing a costume on ANY of the days

– Being rude/ making fun of the way others choose to celebrate the week

October 18 – Friday is our powder puff game, as well as our homecoming carnival.

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