A Big Thank You to our Parent Action Committee

We’d like to thank the Parent Action Committee and Olive Garden of Vero Beach for their support during parent teacher conferences: Thank you to: Cindy Frye, Patti Licardi, Rebekah Serke, Jessita Morisseau, Christine Marie, Valerie Spada, Jeneane Sampson, Susie Osgood, Cindy Leon, Sofia Suarez, Elena Garofalo, and Kristina Perez, and Terri Beckham. Your time and effort are…

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Notice to all parents/guardians! Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held this coming Thursday, February 16th, from 5:00PM – 9:00PM. Parents can find the link to schedule a teacher conference on the school website under the Parents tab and click on the Visit our Scheduling site link, OR Click Here to Schedule Please be aware that using a phone or…

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